Handheld 5W/7W/13W UV Germicidal Lamp UV-C Light Tube

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Categories: Handheld ultraviolet lamp

Power Supply: 5W, 7W, 13W

Material: ABS + Quartz Glass

Plug: US Plug

Voltage: AC 110V

Frequency: 60HZ

Wattage: 5W/ 7W/ 13W

Internal Craft: Silver foil reflective film for focus and enhance UV effect

Lamp Size: ( Length * Diameter )

5W - 170 x 2.3 mm

13W - 235 x 2.3 mm

Package Weight: 260g

Wavelength: 254nm


1. Hold the UV lamp and keep a distance of 2-3 inch with from the object

2. Turn on the lamp and sweep it back and forth 2-3 times, about 14 seconds

3. Notice: People should face the side of the reflective film, ultraviolet rays can't shine on people


Don’t look directly at the UV source and avoid direct exposure of UV rays to people, animals and plants, otherwise the ultraviolet rays will burn the skin. When the lamp is lit, will immediately have a special smel comes from burnt harmful smalls by UV rays, this is normal.